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The novel takes the younger Archimedes of Syracuse (in Sicily) from the age of 9 till he leaves for Alexandria. the numerous discoveries Archimedes makes in his grownup existence are prefigured through life-threatening adventures as a toddler and a teenager—laws of hydrostatics, levers, stability issues, and counting idea, and innovations equivalent to concentrating sun, screws, catapults, and different units. those support Archimedes get away sacrifice to a god, drowning, earthquakes, kidnapping, battles, and direct assaults on his life.
he's additionally concerned with the well known nice occasions of the day, occasions that ended in the 1st Punic struggle among Rome and Carthage, interacting with kings Pyrrhus and Hiero II (a relative), besides lesser-known politicians and warriors.
In one other strand that runs in the course of the books, Archimedes, identified by means of his youth nickname of “Figures” (for his mathematical behavior) participates two times within the Syracuse video games pentathlon. His fictional partners comprise a tomboy of his personal age (Phyllis), her more youthful brother, a far off relative who is also threatened through the villain, and neighbors and adversaries one of the different boys of Syracuse.
The tale proceeds as a sequence of adventures, dealing with a villain who has purposes to kill Archimedes, being trapped in a cave, participation in battle and battles, and failure and good fortune as an athlete.
Greek tradition suffuses the e-book, with behavior, costume, dwellings, and interests integrated. during this fiction, Archimedes and his family members are Pythagoreans, who don't think in Greek gods, whereas his ally Phyllis isn't just a real believer, yet even turns into a priestess of the consumer goddess of Syracuse, Artemis. In a couple of circumstances, it may seem that Artemis controls many of the occasions of the publication, particularly within the approach Athena and different gods regulate the Trojan struggle and the adventures of Odysseus, even though Archimedes thinks it is only success.
The postlog summarizes Archimedes and his existence with the ancient occasion of the Roman Cicero uncovering his grave. An appendix that purports to be the identified misplaced biography of Archimedes via his buddy Heracleides concludes the book.

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